Welcome to my Source-inspired, organic sculptures in clay.


An artist all of my life, I have designed clothing and jewelry, stained glass windows and doors, but have always been pulled to play with clay. 22 years ago I finally gave into the urge to get muddy, when I accompanied my toddler to her first 'Mom & Me Mud Class' and was forever hooked. I have a husband and family who filter  in and out of my kitchen studio throughout the day. Life is good - and the days that I get to play in clay are divine!


The beauty of my immediate surroundings - the Tucson desert - strongly transcends in the flow and style of each of my unique pieces: some with faces, others with sumptuous curves or sharper lines and bold color statements. Each design is a new experiment in texture and communicates deeply an other-worldy sense of whimsey.


Surrounded by mountains, cacti and amazing skies, the colors that melt in the vivid sunsets or the distant mountain tops, show up in many of my floral and gourd shaped vessels. They have sensuous shapes with interior and exterior complimentary colors, while others are tall, with dynamically pointed arms and contrasting glazes.


My most popular pieces are uniquely sculpted, carved vessel jars, bold and brilliant sensuality, delicately dynamic, fully experiential fun ... freely flowing through each creation. My 'Lucious Lipped' series are multi-faced sculptures characterized by bright-red lips whose shapes and textured glazes speak volumes, literally! 

They make great conversation pieces. Each vessel is an expression of my zest for all that life has to offer - bold and brilliant sensuality -freely flowing through each creation ...