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Welcome to my studio

My studio is spread between two rooms in my house, nestled deeply in the Sonoran Desert. Through the doors & windows are visible the deep green trees, desert plants & cactus, framed by the Catalina Mountain range.


Everywhere around me are my family & furry children, dogs & cats my constant companions, fur bits help my pieces cure.  I am inspired by the curves of my home, and the organic flow around my home, the desert's energy, the colors & sounds & shapes that all pour into the clay.



My happiest days are those I can spend elbow deep in mud, three of four new pieces in various stages of completion gazing at me, kitty on the table & one in my lap.  One piece always leads to another & the days spent sculpting turn into months of inspiration.  As long as the energy is able to flow, the pieces just keep coming & speaking through me, & I feel privileged to tap into that energy.

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